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Coffee Cocktails: Mocha & Vanilla Latte Pudding Shots

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Ours has definitely been jam packed! July was an especially busy between family parties, our family vacation on LBI, and last but definitely not least Tori’s 23rd birthday! Pudding shots were, of course, a must for the birthday celebration. In addition to birthday cake pudding shots, I decided to try out two new flavors Mocha and Vanilla Latte!

IMG_7674 IMG_7673

To get the perfect coffee flavor I used the House Spirits Coffee Liquor I picked up in the Portland, OR airport earlier this year and then paired it with vanilla pudding for the vanilla latte and chocolate pudding for the mocha. They were a huge hit, which is no surprise since the coffee liquor is made with one of my favorite coffees, Stumptown!

Mocha Pudding Shot Recipe.png

Vanilla Latte Pudding Shot Recipe.png

I think these might even make it into our top 5 favorite pudding shots of all time. Which pudding shot flavors make your top 5?