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Drink Here: The Vail Bar at Jockey Hollow

Even though I’d only been to The Vail Bar at Jockey Hollow twice, I knew it was at the top of my list of places to take Tori to when she visited last weekend. It’s hard to say what I love most about The Vail Bar, but it is definitely my go to place for fancy cocktails. The experience begins from the moment you walk up the pathway to the Vail Mansion which was built in the early 1900’s by Thomas Vail (President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Co.) and is now home to condos and Jockey Hollow‘s four bars/restaurants. If you think the outside is impressive, wait until you walk in the door where you’ll walk past a grand marble stair case before heading back to The Vail Bar. The room itself is the former library of the mansion and in addition to the gorgeous bar, the walls are wood paneled which really gives it a cozy yet refined feel.

Once you walk in and grab your seat, I prefer sitting at the bar where you really get to interact with the bartenders, it’s time to start looking over the cocktail list on the ipads they provide you. While you could have a beer or glass of wine, let’s face it you’re here for the cocktails. The are two sections of the cocktail menu. The seasonal menu is the first and it changes up every few months. The second section is classic cocktails which are available year round. Unless you are a mixologist or avid cocktail enthusiast, you probably won’t recognize half the ingredients in the seasonal cocktails. Don’t worry! The bartenders are fantastic and will help you figure out which drinks you might like based on what your favorite types of drinks are. The drinks may seem pricey at first (most run between $11-$17), but once you take you’re first sip you’ll realize why. Each drink is perfectly balanced and definitely packs a punch alcohol wise.

Some of my favorite cocktails I’ve tried at The Vail Bar are the Jockey Hollow Cobbler, Cannonball Shrub (which comes in a copper pineapple!) and the Pizza Connection.

This past weekend when we were there Tori got the “Drunk Sincerity”(pictured above) which is a mix of 12yo whiskey, sherry, grenadine, lemon and orange bitters. Tori isn’t a huge fan of sugary drinks, so this was the perfect drink for her. It was incredibly smooth and delicious! I got the “Venetian Mai Tai” (pictured below) which had Almond Liquour, cognac, lime and a few other ingredients! It was the perfect amount of sweet and super refreshing on a hot summer night.

Whether it’s date night or girls night out, you should definitely make your way to The Vail Bar next time you’re in Morristown, NJ and in the mood for a fantastic cocktail!