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Nail Polish Must Haves: Now & Later

I am totally still in denial that Sarah’s bridal shower is over but to take my mind off of it, I did a little DIY project I’ve been staring at on Pinterest for far too long. Lucky for me, the gift at Sarah’s bridal shower was succulents which means I could finally start my mini Pinterest project/diy decor for my room. All that I had to do was put the succulents into cute tea cups. I found a cute white tea cup at Home Goods for $4.99. I popped my succulent into the cup and I am so happy with how it came out!

Other than diy projects, I’ve started to become a big fan of nail polish. A couple of friends from my program this past year (I’m talking to you Kelly and Karen) probably painted their nails at least once a week and I think their obsession finally rubbed off. Recently, I signed up for Julep Maven welcome box because they were giving me a special offer for my birthday month aka FREE (usually $24.99/month). I ended up paying $2.99 because of shipping and I received 2 nail polishes among some other products.  One of them was a darker red color and the other, a fun vivid coral. I put the coral on for Sarah’s bridal shower to add a bright pop to my navy scallop J. Crew dress and I instantly fell in love. My mother received a similar color from one of her subscription boxes and has been donning it all summer as well. With that being said, I’ve made a short list of must-have colors for any girl out there that’s a mix of great for now, perfect for later and classic colors.

P.S. To get your own box FREE, you can use this link! Heads up though, you have to call to cancel it if you don’t want to be charged for next month’s box!

A Summer Trend 

The coral color I talked about before is great for warmer weather and the mix of pink and orange makes it coordinate with almost any outfit you may be wearing. It looked great with navy but also looks good with the bright pink and yellow skirt I have on right now! The color I’m wearing is called “Suse!”

The Classics 

Pink and Red are always my go to. My mom and I probably have 8 bottles of pink nail polish that only vary slightly in color. Our selection of reds go from bright red to dark red. I tend to paint my nails specifically for an event so I can make my nails compliment my outfit. Pinks are great for all year around but especially spring and summer and look great for any daytime event. I save red for the fall and winter months or for a night out with friends. The color shown above is called “Myrtle.”

A Metallic 

Nothing beats a good metallic nail polish and not just for New Years Eve! It’s great if you want to do an accent nail (aka paint your ring finger a different color). I also love metallic on my toes because it acts as a neutral while not be too blah. I stick with the shimmer because sometimes I feel like the chunky sequin metallics are too heavy looking for me. The color above is called “Good as Gold.”

A Fall Trend

I saw two colors from Essie today one called “Carry On” (a dark reddish-purple) and “Berry Naughty” (a dark dark red wine, shown above) and I think both are going to be perfect colors for fall this year. They have been saying Ox Blood color will be trending this year so either of these colors will be perfect to match your plaid shirts, dark denim and military green jackets.

A White or Nude 

A good white/nude is another one of those colors that is great for whatever whenever. Whites are great in the summer because like most people know, it makes you look tanner and who doesn’t want too look tanner? Light pink is a great alternative if you aren’t a big fan of white polish and looks good for spring. Nudes that are a little bit darker/light browns are another color that is great for the fall and winter months! The colors shown above are “Blanc” and “Comfy in Cashmere.”

Do you have a favorite color nail polish? I’m always looking for a new color and would love to hear about your go-to color!


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