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Vacation Here: Nashville

We have some seriously exciting news for you today! If y’all remember our post about wedding dress shopping, then you already know that Tori is maid of honor for her friend Sarah’s wedding. Sarah and Tori have been friends for 8 years, ever since they got ready together before a high school football game their freshmen year!

Flower Crowns

(Photo Credit: Sarah Rocco Photography)

After graduating high school, Sarah moved to Nashville, TN to study Church Leadership Administration at Belmont University where she ended up meeting her fiance, Kauland on the first day of class. Over the next few months, Sarah will be guest blogging on The Daily Soiree about her wedding planning experience, starting next Wednesday with a post about what to do right after you get engaged. Be sure to check out all of her #WeddingWednesday posts throughout the summer and early fall!

This week, however, Sarah is sharing with us her favorite things to do, see, & eat in Nashville which is one our favorite cities to visit in the US!

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kauland and i

(Hi!  This is me and Kauland with the beautiful city of Nashville in the background.  We live here.)

You know that thing people do when you tell them you’re going somewhere and they immediately blurt out names of places you are inevitably going to forget once you get there? This is sort of like that, except I’m not yelling and you’ll remember what I tell you since its typed out and pretty looking. You’re welcome.

My first instinct is to list off the usual “go-to” places in Nashville, but you’ve got Google for that. I’ve been living in this beautiful city for four years now, and I am over some of the “popular” places. Here’s my not-so-typical list of five things to visit while in town:

1.  Bond Coffee Company

I may be biased since I spent some time working here but I think this coffee shop has the coolest vibes. Smack in the middle of the fancy area of Nashville called the Gulch, this coffee shop is Starbucks meets hip. Not hipster, but fancy, cool hip. They recently started selling ice cream by the scoop, so you can grab a refreshing iced “Tracy Bond” with a scoop of delicious local ice cream in the summertime!

bond coffee

(Photo credit: @bondcoffeeco)

2.  The Riverfront

So, you’re barhopping on Broadway? Cool, at the end of the street you will be met by the beautiful riverfront of Nashville. It’s honestly breathtaking at night, and it’s where I almost had my first kiss with my fiancé. There’s also a bridge close by called the Pedestrian Bridge, and you can get a lot of cute photos with downtown in the background.

3.  McDougal’s Chicken

The owner knows my parents by name because we go there so frequently when they’re in town. My freshman roommates found this gem when we first got to college, and it definitely has a good amount of my dollar bills. The classic “college town” atmosphere and the best chicken finger baskets and wings in town. They also offer free soft serve ice cream and 2-for-1 locally brewed beers all day, every day.


4.  Leiper’s Fork

I am embarrassed to admit that I just visited this place for the first time a few months ago. It’s the cutest little town on the outskirts of the city. Perfect for strolling in and out of local stores and taking in the beautiful scenery! I recommend Puckett’s for lunch.


(Photo credit: Kristen McCall)

5.  The Dog

I get the same thing every time I go. “One rise and shine dog with a side of tater tots, please!” This restaurant is known for it’s specialty hot dogs, but they also make a mean hamburger. The setting is great for an outdoor lunch with your pet and your pals.

This was a hard list to create and I know there are plenty more suggestions I have when you’re in town.  I mean, I could write a whole post solely on coffee shops to visit. Alas, the remainder of our time together on this blog will be spent talking all thing wedding and my fiancé, Kauland.  Dreamy.  See you next Wednesday!

If you have extra time, check out these places that didn’t quite make the cut:

-The heart of downtown Franklin (visit McCreary’s Irish Pub for some great grub)

-The Parthenon (a replica of the real deal in Athens, Greece – great for pictures)

-Opry Mills Mall (time to kill? Go shop at this outlet mall, located conveniently across from the MOST tourist-y attraction, The Grand Ole Opry)


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