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What to Wear: Graduation 

Whether it’s high school, college, or grad school, graduation is a big deal. And If your family is anything like ours, pictures from this big day will be displayed on the top of your piano, hanging on the walls of your grandparents house and all over your mom’s Facebook. This is why it’s important to be looking your best.


If you’re stuck on what to wear, I’m all about neutral or light colored dresses that will compliment the colors of your cap and gown. Seeing that my cap and gown are navy blue, I chose to go with my new seersucker Brooks Brothers dress I actually picked up for $8 at my local thrift store. I paired it with my Guess white espadrille peep toe wedges that I’ve had since high school graduation and finished the look with a string of pearls. Because these photos will be around for awhile, I wanted to go with a classic look instead of anything too trendy.

As far as hair and makeup, I went with soft curls because I feel like they look best with the cap on. I also went with fairly natural makeup sticking to browns and tans for my eyeshadow. I chose a bolder lip in order to add some color to my face. I used Laura Geller berry colored lip stain and topped it with her lip gloss for some shimmer. Also, I swear by my Laura Geller eyebrow marker, I’ve gotten a ton of compliments since I started using it!

Be sure to have fun taking pictures around campus since it may be your last chance to get nice photos of your favorite and iconic spots. For me, no graduation photo would be complete without photos in front of Old Main and the lion shrine at Penn State.

 Another piece of advice is to choose someone you feel comfortable with to take your photos. Shout out to my little and best friend, Mary. She was great about trying any kind of photo I found on Pinterest, noticing when my hair was messed up and directing which way to turn my body to keep me from looking frumpy. 

Hopefully you have some outfit inspiration for your upcoming graduation. Congrats to everyone in the Class of 2015! 

In the words of Elle Woods…

We did it!

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