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All Things Lilly: From Target Launch to Summer Line

I sit here proudly saying that I survived the Lilly For Target launch of 2015, well sort of. There may be some underlying emotional damage from trying to stay up all night to tackle the online sale and then getting up early to take on the actual store. I’m sure many of you know that the whole launch was absolute insanity. Twitter and the #LillyForTarget were definitely my saving grace for the online launch.  Thanks to the kind Lilly lovers of the Twitterverse, I quickly found out that there was some fluke in the official launch and items were being released one by one on the mobile site only. Luckily, I was able to purchase a few items including the gold espadrilles, the See Ya Later pink shift, Sea Urchin For You maxi dress, and the Nosie Posey button down before the Target site was shutdown by corporate. By the time Target actually launched the line on their normal desktop site, I’m 99% positive that the popular items like the shifts and tea-cup set were completely sold out. So, if you weren’t on Twitter, it’s likely you missed out on the launch.

After a whopping 2.5hrs of sleep, I made my way to Target in hopes of checking out some items I was iffy about.  I had planned to get there at 7:40am but with barely any sleep, I didn’t walk in until 8:04 by which time every single item was gone. I almost couldn’t believe it. People had carts and baskets filled with everything and were sifting through it in various areas of the store. It was like the warehouse sale on steroids. The latest I’ve heard was that Target will not be restocking any items, which may be better for my mental stability and sleep schedule. I think I’ll just stick with regular Lilly Pulitzer and the annual sales from now on.

With that being said, Lilly just launched their Summer line and it is TO. DIE. FOR. I love that they are bringing back popular prints but with a fresh new spin. The blue and yellow First Impression items from the spring line were absolutely gorgeous, but the new pink Tusk in the Sun shift might just top it (mostly because I’m biased towards anything pink, whoops). For those ready to raid the store, here are my favorite items from the new arrivals.

Lilly Summer Line

(1) Georgia May Palazzo Pant in Multi Besame Much – $138

(2) Skipper Printed Popover in Resort White Scuba To Cuba – $98

(3) Delia Shift Dress in Pop Pink Tusk In Sun Middle – $178

(4) Deanna Tank Top Romper in Resort White Scuba To Cuba – $158

(5) Christine Sundress in Multi Besame Mucho – $168

I’ve been wanting a popover for so long but haven’t found a print I’ve really loved. However, this White Resort Scuba To Cuba may just be the one I finally purchase, that and the Palazzo Pants because they are just too cute.

Lilly cutout dressI was sort of meh about this dress until I saw the cutout and now I can’t get enough of it and for only $138 it’s gonna be hard to walk away from. What items from the new Summer line are must have purchases for you?