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Laura Geller: Master Class & Makeover

Now, if you have never heard of Laura Geller, go look her up ASAP! She is a makeup artist with her own line of makeup that is easily some of the best stuff I’ve ever used. If you or your mom are frequent watchers of QVC like mine is, you’ve probably seen her at least once! Her line includes everything you could ever need from primers and foundations to eyeshadows and lip sticks. She is most well known for her baked products that are handmade in Italy. The baked foundation is a swirl of different pigments to help match a wider range of skin tones. She recently launched a line of baked liquid foundation that takes her same baked powder and mixes it with nutrient rich water to make an amazing liquid foundation. It also is color correcting and comes in 9 different shades.

My mom was at our local Ulta when she heard about the Laura Geller event. The event included a meet and greet with Laura Geller herself, a full face makeover, and a master class taught by Marissa Rudolph, a member of Laura Geller’s Pro Beauty Team. Marissa walked us through a makeover of one of the models, describing the products she was using, how to apply them and any tricks or tips. While we learned about each product, samples were passed around to get a closer look and test out a tiny bit. The class was open forum style and so anyone could ask a question throughout the makeover.

The first item we learned about was Laura Geller’s primer called “Spackle” which comes in 5 different varieties. The newest one called “Spackle Supercharged” is absolutely amazing. It’s made with tons of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that leaves your skin feeling cool and fresh.  The spackle was followed by the new baked liquid foundation which for such a light feeling, covers and evens out skin extremely well. The foundation was followed by concealer. I don’t know about you but I’ve always put on concealer before foundation. However, Marissa actually recommended putting it on after. This allows you to only use it to on spots that the foundation couldn’t cover. She then set the make up using their baked powder foundation. I’ve been using this foundation for a while and I would definitely recommend it. It feels slightly creamy, which is different from any powder foundation I’ve used, and it gives you great coverage without giving you that caked-on look some make ups will give you. Next, we went onto brows. Sculpted and defined eyebrows are a big trend right now. Laura Geller’s brow marker is one of the coolest brow markers I’ve ever seen and it does a good job of defining and filling in your brows. What really sets this product apart from it’s competitors is its tri-tip applicator that will keep your eyebrows looking natural. The product is waterproof which makes it perfect for hot summer days in the pool or at the beach.

Each member of the Master Class was then given a full face makeover. This allowed each person to get matched to the right color and learn what products would work best for them. 

My skin is problematic with frequent breakouts so I was recommended the Mattifying Spackle and BB cream. So far, I love them. My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth and doesn’t feel heavy or oily. I picked up the Real Deal Concealer which does a great job of covering up my problem spots. There was no way I was leaving without the tri-tip brow marker. I have dirty blonde/light brown eyebrows so I got Taupe which is their lightest color. I picked up another Balance-N-Brighten foundation because low and behold I was actually using the wrong color! I’m not too upset because my other one (Light) will be good for when I get that summer glow.

These are the products my mom picked up. I’ll probably be stealing this eyeshadow palette from her on a regular basis. You’ve got to check out these colors because it’s pretty much a condensed version of any color you’d ever want.

Nothing is better than free stuff. This event was filled had plenty of it. We received the makeup bag filled with an eyeshadow, highlighter & brush, lip gloss, and mascara when we bought any Laura Geller product. The tote bag was a free gift with the class.

Meeting Laura was probably the highlight of the day. She is so kind and funny and it was such a pleasure to talk with her. She really makes a point to compliment you on your features and if Laura Geller tells you you’re pretty, you better believe it’s true. Her and her staff really stressed the idea that we are all beautiful without makeup and we should use make up to only enhance our own natural beauty. Overall, Laura and her team blew me away with their positive attitudes.

So I’m sure you are wondering about my makeover. Here is my finished look.

Overall, it was a great day filled with tons of amazing makeup products and helpful tips. I can’t wait to try all my new products out this week!