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Drink Here: Manatawny Still Works

A few weeks ago a friend emailed me and said that the Philadelphia Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers was hosting a bottling event at the Manatawny Still Works in Pottstown, PA and asked me to come. It was clearly a no-brainer. I mean who wouldn’t want to help out with bottling liquor, plus get an in depth tour of a distillery with a tasting?


Due to the number of people who clearly agreed with me, our group had to be split into two time frames. My friend and I chose the 2nd slot. When we arrived we entered into their bar area. Which looks like a great place to come for a drink, especially given their great cocktail list. After we took off our jackets, we were quickly put to work helping out with the bottling of their vodka, Three Bitches Wheat Vodka. After an hour or so of bottling we got the chance to grab some lunch and do a tasting.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stay for the full tour, but they were nice enough to do a quick tasting for us. The staff at Manatawny is great. They walked us through all the liquors they currently make explaining how each one is made and what makes it different from other brands.

We started out with the Three Bitches Wheat Vodka. This is the only spirit that isn’t fully made by Mantawny, although they do distill it once at their facility before bottling it. Next up was their white rum, T. Rutter Rum. It was absolutely delicious, nice and smooth with a great sweetness. I definitely could see it making an amazing daiquiri. After the rum, we tried their gin, Odd Fellows No. 214 Gin. I am definitely not a big fan of gin, but I will say that this one was fairly well balanced. The white (unaged) whiskey, J. Potts Whiskey, was next on our list and is definitely not to be missed. This was the most unique of their offerings. For a non-whiskey drinker like myself, I was surprised how much I liked it. It was very smooth and easy to drink. I liked it so much that I bought myself a bottle, and can’t wait to try it in a variety of mixed drinks. Our last tasting of the afternoon was their first small batch whiskey which happened to be for sale for the first time that day. It too like their other liquors was pretty good in my opinion, although I don’t have much of a frame of reference since I rarely drink whiskey. Even though we didn’t get the full tour, the tasting was so in depth that we definitely learned a ton about their process and ingredients.

Overall, I’d definitely say this place lives up to its name, which means “the place we meet to drink”. I definitely hope to meet up with friends again there sometime soon.


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  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun drinking day! From what you describe I feel like all the liquor tasted really good!


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