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Christmas Cookies: Mint Surprises

We are officially half way through our holiday baking! The last cookie we finished up tonight was our Mint Surprises. Just like the name implies, these cookies have an Andes mint hidden inside. They are so well hidden, in fact, that we had to start making the icing on top green so people had warning!


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Kentucky Derby Cocktail: Mint Tea Julep

While I think mint juleps in cupcake form are delicious, my first experience with the cocktail wasn’t as pleasant. To be fair, it was my first time making it so maybe I just picked a bad recipe, but based on what I’ve heard from other people, I think it was probably pretty close to the… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Cocktail: Mint Tea Julep

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Kentucky Derby Dessert: Mint Julep Cupcakes

Whenever I throw a party, I tend to go a bit overboard on desserts. Probably because they are my favorite thing to make and always look the most impressive. For the Kentucky Derby, I knew that I’d need to make something other than my Derby Pie Macarons and so after some research, I settled on… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Dessert: Mint Julep Cupcakes

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St Patrick’s Day Drinks: Mint Oreo Pudding Shots

Like many of you, I will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day a few days early by throwing a Parade Day Party this Saturday. If you want to try something new, why not make pudding shots? Mint Oreo Pudding Shots are the perfect fit for St Patrick’s Day, because not only are they delicious they are also green!