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The Daily Soiree Takes a Hike

It’s been a crazy few months, but we’re finally back! No we didn’t get lost in the woods or eaten by a bear (although we did see one!), things have just been crazy busy since we last posted. But, we’re finally back and full of awesome stories, pictures, and a few tips from our trip… Continue reading The Daily Soiree Takes a Hike

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Planning a Montana Adventure

As those of you  who follow us on Facebook  or Instagram already know, we’re setting off on our next adventure, a trip to Montana, in just 3 weeks! This year when we started the vacation planning process, Tori decided that we should go somewhere outdoorsy. After a bit of research, we narrowed it down to  Arizona & the Grand… Continue reading Planning a Montana Adventure

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Italian Soiree 2015 Days 4 & 5: Segrate & Milan

Who knew that sleeping in until 9:30am could feel so amazing, but after three very busy days in Brussels and Cinque Terre, it was just what the doctor ordered. While I probably could have slept even longer, I wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity to go to the restaurant supply store with my cousins… Continue reading Italian Soiree 2015 Days 4 & 5: Segrate & Milan